Since 1983, Aditya Sarana Graha (ASG) has been recognized as the nationwide provider of high quality products, solutions and services.

The 30 years of growth empowered by innovation and trust, ASG is continued to strive in order to achieve its business expansion plans including the aim of evolving to be one of the best performance corporate in Indonesia and provide the continuous living quality improvement to customers.

In term of achieving its 2020 monumental goals, ASG starts off with commitment to achieve the milestones set forth in all its cross organizational business prioritizes.

The company vision to “Improve people’s living quality” in a sustainable way, everyone in ASG work together with passed-down “One Vision and Mission” philosophy, ready to serve better.

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Message From The President

Message From The President

Often times, business is interpreted narrowly: working to pursue profit without caring about the environment and the society. If there is an opportunity to gain profit, every risks will be pursued without thinking about the best way and good process. This impression is strongly attached in the minds of many people.

But we realize that achieving something with a less healthy manner will not last long and at the end, can be detrimental.

Learning from this, Aditya Group always gives priority to conformity, harmony, balance between the material and non material, physical and spiritual; not only profit and growth but also paying attention to the ethical, healthy and clean process and gives meaning and broad benefits for all.

We believe that hard work that based on care, ethics and good faith will take every venture to a success and bring prosperity for all stakeholders.

Aditya Group will continue to learn and act wisely in order to continue planting and sowing virtue in its businesses.

Business Philosophy


Vision I - Quam Condimentum Vestibulum Commodo

Vision II - Tortor Adipiscing Aenean Magna


Mission I - Mattis Porta Magna Tortor

Mission II - Fringilla Vulputate Porta Dapibus

Core Value

  • Vulputate Risus Mattis
  • Mollis Fringilla Ridiculus
  • Sit Consectetur Justo Dolor

Company Social Responsibility

Company, society and environment are interdependent and work as a system. The need for alignment and integration is significant. Over the years, we have been active in working together with our local communities to contribute to our society and environment. We believe that by giving back to our society and environment will positively affect all parts of the system.

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